Dissertation Fellowships 2016-17 Bowl

Professor Joel Mokyr served as the 2015-16 President of the International Atlantic Economic Society. 

In introducing Professor Mokyr's presidential address, the past-president and former NU-faculty member professor Charles Calomiris, Henry Kaufman Professor of Financial Institutions at Columbia Business School said:

How do you introduce someone who has been a friend and colleague for more than three decades? In this case, by being brief, knowing that he cares less for encomium than for being given more time to illuminate. Joel Mokyr is the Robert H. Strotz Professor of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Economics and History at Northwestern University. Not content to occupy positions in two departments there, he also holds a Raymond and Beverly Sackler Senior Professor appointment at the University of Tel Aviv. Joel has published a large number of books and articles, but even more impressive has been the influence of those works, as shown by the number of awards he has received for his work, and by the depth and breadth of his influence, as illustrated by the fact that he is an American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow, a foreign Fellow of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, and a corresponding member of the British Academy. Joel's work addresses big questions, such as "Why did a whole country starve?" (with reference to mid-19th century Ireland), "Why did the Industrial Revolution begin where and when it did?", "What are the processes that govern technological change?", "How does culture shape economic progress?" It is for all these reasons that Joel Mokyr should be regarded not only as one of the great intellectual economists of his generation, but as one of the great intellectuals of his generation. His topic today is another big question: "Is Technological Change a Matter of the Past?" 

2018 GRFP      application period has closed.

Prospective applicants must read the Program Solicitation, and apply for the 2018 competition on the FastLane portal.

The deadline for receipt of reference letters for the 2018 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) has been extended to Friday, November 3, 2017, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. All reference letters must be received by the November 3 deadline, there will be no more extensions other than those outlined at https://www.fastlane.nsf.gov/grfp/.

Information for GRFP Applicants and Reference Writers.

For GRFP applicants and reference writers who are located in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and other islands in hurricane-impacted areas there will be an extension of the application and reference letter deadlines until 5:00 p.m., submitter’s local time, Friday December 29, 2017.  Submitter’s local time is determined by the applicant's mailing address.

Updated guidance: Natural disasters that have severely damaged power, water, and communications make it impossible to submit applications and reference letters. Therefore, GRFP has implemented a special process for individuals for whom it is impossible to submit by the published deadlines. If this applies to you, email grfp@nsf.gov with subject line: GRFP Waiver Request for 2018 Competition as soon as possible before December 29, 2017. Include your name, description of your situation, contact information, and field of study (for applicants) or name of applicant (for reference writers). Waivers will be reviewed on a case by case basis. All others must submit by the published deadlines.

Any future updates will be posted on the following webpages: https://www.fastlane.nsf.gov/grfp/, https://www.nsf.gov/naturaldisasters/, and https://www.nsfgrfp.org.

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