Michener Institute Admissions Essay

Applicants to the Ultrasound program must possess qualifications from either of these two options:


Regulated health care professionals with a minimum3 year degree or diploma in their field of study (some examples: Chiropodists, Nurse, Radiological Technologist, Radiation Therapist, Respiratory Therapist, etc).

CGPA will be calculated using entire undergraduate degree or diploma.

Minimum CGPA of B (75%) must be attained in order to be considered.


Bachelor of Science degree, or Bachelor of Science or Arts in Kinesiology with:

  • One semester-length (0.5) university course in Gross Human Anatomy (2-3 years recency is preferred)*
  • One semester-length (0.5) university course in Human Physiology (2-3 years recency is preferred)*
  • CGPA will be calculated using entire undergraduate education
  • A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of B (75%), and a minimum grade of B (75%) in each of the required courses


*Note: Michener’s online distance-education course AP807 Gross Human Anatomy & Physiologycan fulfill the Gross Human Anatomy and Gross Human Physiology prerequisites.

If you are submitting a Mammalian Physiology course as a prerequisite for Human Physiology, a complete course outline must be submitted to Michener’s Admissions Office at admissions@michener.ca for review and approval.

Each program offered by Michener has a fixed size, reflecting labour market demand and clinical education spaces, therefore enrollment in programs is limited, and admission can be very competitive.  Admissions to the Ultrasound program will be determined by an assessment of academic achievement, CGPA, (50%) and the Multi Mini Interview (50%). See Selection Process for more information.

For offers to the Medical Laboratory Science, Respiratory Therapy and Ultrasound programs, preference will be given to Ontario residents.

Additional Requirements

All applicants must provide proof of English language proficiency. Applicants providing documents from overseas must complete specific document requirements.

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Program admission selection process procedures have been developed to ensure that applicants have a reasonable chance of success in their program of choice.


Possession of the published minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Enrolment in programs is limited and admission can be very competitive. The Michener Institute reserves the right to accept, rescind or refuse admission of any applicant to a program, and to cancel any program where sufficient enrolment is not obtained or employment opportunities appear inadequate.

Assessment Criteria

Official educational documents are reviewed to ensure that the program prerequisites are met. Assessments will be based the strength of:

  • The academic record including performance in prerequisite course marks and a cumulative grade point average and/or average grade
  • Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) score
  • For some programs additional criteria may be needed such as proof of professional affiliation, work experience and relevant continuing education details. See application instructions and admissions requirements for details.
  • For repeated courses, the average grade for all attempts will be calculated.

Note: Ontario secondary school OAC/U-Level courses

  • For individuals who have graduated from high school prior to 2003, all credits for required courses must be Ontario Academic Credits (OACs)
  • Individuals who have graduated from secondary school in 2003 or later must have Grade 12 University Stream (U-level) credits for required courses.

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