Sample Cover Letter Canada Government

Sample Cover Letter

March 13, 2011

Mr. Ronald Daigle
Senior Human Resources Advisor
Community Safety and Partnerships Branch
Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada
456 Another Street
Ottawa, Ontario

I wish to apply for the position of Policy Analyst with the Community Safety and Partnerships Branch of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, Selection Process Number 06- PSP-lA-CSP-3 1958-077.

I believe that my experience and qualifications are an excellent match for those listed in the Statement of Merit Criteria:

Area of Selection: Employees occupying a position in the National Capital Region

  • I presently work in the NCR in the Health Care Policy Directorate of Health Canada.

Official Language Proficiency: Bilingual Imperative, level CCC/CCC

Educational Requirements: Graduation with a degree from a recognized university with acceptable specialization in economics, sociology or statistics

  • I have an honours BA in Sociology from the University of Ottawa.


  1. Social policy analysis with a focus on crime prevention through social development
    • As a policy analyst with the Health Care Policy Directorate of Health Canada, I analyze social policy. While working in the Non-Medical Use of Drugs Directorate, I wrote a policy paper on the effects of methadone clinics and other social health services on crime prevention and recidivism amongst heroin addicts. I wrote a thesis on the effects of various social programs and early intervention on the rate of alcoholism and the associated crime rate in isolated communities.
  2. Participating in policy or multidisciplinary project teams
    • Participated in multidisciplinary project team of economists, sociologists and public health professionals in developing and writing policy papers on various aspects of health care.
  3. Writing of reports, briefing notes and policy statements
    • Regularly write reports and policy statements on various aspects of social programs.
    • Participated in the drafting of several briefing notes to the Minister on current developments in health care.

I would welcome an opportunity to work in the Community Safety and Partnerships Branch. With my interests and background in crime prevention through early intervention and social programs, I feel that I could contribute to policy analysis and formulation in your Branch.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Laurie Greenberg
Laurie Greenberg


Enclosure: Resumé

Date modified:
The federal cover letter is equally important as the federal resume while applying for the federal government job positions. You can’t just send your resumes to the employment portals without a good cover letter. And hence special attention should be given to your cover letter in order to avoid your resume put down in trash.

The federal cover letter becomes your introduction to the recruiter. Any flaws in this letter can create a negative impression thus increasing the chances of not getting any considerations. Hence, even if you draft an exceptionally well federal resume, your cover letter makes the concern person decide whether to take a look at your resume or not.

There are several points to be considered while writing a federal cover letter. These points then include the format of your letter, distribution of paragraphs, use of words, etc. Below are some points that will further guide you in writing an efficient federal cover letter.


  • Start with your federal cover letter with your personal details including full name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. Followed to this mention the date on which you are writing this letter. If you have detailed information about the concerned person, mention his/her name and job profile.
  • Mention in the subject or the reason you are writing this letter. Since you are writing it for a job position, mention the exact profile you are applying for.
  • Now start you letter by greeting the reader. Your first paragraph should be an introduction that should state the reason behind the letter, the position you are applying for, and how did you got to know about the job opening.
  • The next paragraph or the second paragraph must include your skills and proficiencies that make you eligible for this job. Try and use prominent keywords within that particular industry to showcase your knowledge about the industry. However, make sure that you do not mention in all the skills that you have already mentioned in your resume. Keep it short yet compelling.
  • If you are an experienced candidate, the third paragraph in your cover letter will mention in the details of your total experience, your current employer and the duties performed on your current job.
  • You can conclude your cover letter with the fourth paragraph. Thank the reader for his/her time and consideration. Also, request for a personal interview where you can elaborate more about your eligibility for the applied position.

Hope the above federal cover letter writing tips and guidelines help you in coming up with an efficiently drafted and error free letter. The below federal cover letter sample will further clear all your doubts.


1898 Joyce Street,
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

September 26, 2014

Recruitment Manager,
The Federal Government
The United States of America

Subject: Application for position in Administrative/Personnel and Security Field

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am writing in reference to the advertisement published by you in the U.S. Employment Times dated September 26, 2014 for the positions in the Administrative/Personnel and Security Field. I have attached my personal resume addressing the position requirements.

I am a self-motivated and result oriented professional with 12+ years of experience within the U.S Air Force. My expertise includes foreign and domestic policies, conflict resolution, regulatory compliance, and emergency response and planning.

Currently I am working as Air Control Manager with the U.S. Department of Special Interests and liable for coordinating and implementing the air control program, provide leadership and guidance to the nine regional directors for aviation operations, serve as an authority on aspects, and more.

I look forward for an opportunity for a personal interview where we can discuss more about my eligibility for the applied position.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
John Chamberlin.

Hope the above federal cover letter sample helps you in understanding the different aspects to be included in your letter to make it all the more effective.

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