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...The Great Literary Works of Solomon Mary A. Wilson BIB 113 – Old Testament History Grand Canyon University Dr. Calvin Habig, Instructor August 16, 2009 The Great Literary Works of Solomon The purpose of the Book of Psalms is to provide the expression of praise, worship and confession to God. The purpose of the Book of Proverbs is to teach people how to attain wisdom, discipline, and a prudent life, and how to do what is right, just, and fair. In short, to apply divine wisdom to daily life and to provide moral instruction. In the following paragraphs, we will compare the two Books. (Life Application Study Bible, New International Version, Tyndale) In the book, An Historical Survey of the Old Testament by Eugene H. Merrill, it states that the psalms constitute the hymn book of Israel. Many psalms were sung and recited on festal occasions and probably even in homes and at work. Approximately half of the 150 were written by David, who it is evident, had great artistic abilities (1Chron. 13:8); a few were by Solomon, whose reputation also is well established in these pursuits (1 Kings 4:29-34); by Asaph, one of David’s court poets; and by the sons of Korah, another group of professional writers; and one was even written by Moses (Ps. 90). Some are of anonymous authorship and were written over many years. A majority of the psalms come from the unied monarchy period (tenth century), and only a few from...

NOTE: In addition to sending this letter to the Doctor, I also sent  the entire collection of letters I wrote to the Doctor to Jerome Starling on Friday morning. I never received a response from either person, or from their attorney.)

A failure to file  tax returns for 13 years is not an act that occurs because of confusion or oversight.

No matter the good works performed by any charity, the failure to maintain or provide federal income tax records justifiably raises concerns about the money collected and spent.


Based on research that I've been able to do, one has to assume that this foundation has raised considerably more money in recent years than one might suspect.

First, consider a claim that Starling made to a Channel 10 TV reporter earlier this year that in 2014, The Rickia Isaac Foundation claimed to be responsible for 800 guns taken off the streets and in 2015, 600 guns were taken off the street.

Based on the various flyers that the Mimi Police Department circulates before these events, people at some of these buyback events were promised a $50 gift card, and at other events a $50 gift card was promised for unworkable guns, and $100 gift cards for workable guns.

To try and make sense of what this means in financial terms, let's say - for argument's sake - that half of the 600 guns turned over in 2015 were workable, and the other half weren't.

That would mean that the total amount of gift cards that were given to those folks would have been around $45,000.

For the year 2014, the 800 guns would have resulted in around  $60,000 in gift card payouts. Now of course, the amounts could be higher or lower, and chances are that more than 50% of the guns turned in did work.

What this means is that in 2014 and 2015 the foundation had to have raised an absolute minimum of $45,000 and $60,000, just to cover the costs of these gift cards.

Then of course there's the costs associated with the staging of their annual banquet which could run $50, $75 or even $100 per person, even accounting for a discount, given that the Hyatt has an agreement with the City of Miami - and then all of the supposed thousands of dollars that Starling brags about giving away to school children as part of an annual essay contest in some on Miami-Dade's public schools.

Add to these costs the supposed money that is given to children who have suffered brain and spinal cord injuries and the payments made to the families for the funerals for the kids killed by gun violence, and this suddenly starts adding up to real money.  Money well in excess of the $25,000 that the IRS says is the limit that a charity can collect without being required to filed a complete FORM 990.

On top of all of this, there's the money that Starling has received over the years, because as the tax returns that the foundation did submit reveal, he collected over 50% of the proceeds as personal compensation.


One of the more interesting items I discovered while researching this story was a video that Starling had posted on his Facebook Page last April.

Although Starling only has 200 or so followers, he posts photos and videos like he some sort of  celebrity or movie star who has hundreds of thousands, if not millions of viewers waiting to hear or see his every word and action.

In the video, he makes a claim that he came from the pea fields of Georgia to wearing a suit and becoming a multi-millionaire.

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