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Production Team Leader Resume Samples

Production Team Leaders work in manufacturing units and are responsible for managing the team involved in production processes. Common duties listed on a Production Team Leader resume sample are motivating team members, assigning tasks, giving directions, providing knowledge and advice, and making sure workers comply with standards. The ideal candidate for this position should be able to demonstrate throughout his or her resume leadership, manufacturing expertise, safety measures knowledge, time management, organizational skills, and the ability to motivate workers. Production Team Leaders come from various educational backgrounds and are usually trained in mechanics or engineering.

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Production Team Leader

Providing leadership and support for a 20 employee department involved in manufacturing electrical relays for various airline, aerospace and industrial distribution customers.

  • Reduced past due customer orders by 95%
  • Reduced overtime expenses by 95%
  • Identified and initiated corrective actions for several process issues, including BOM and assembly print errors
  • Provided cross-departmental support in the pursuit of facility and company goals and objectives
  • Facilitated the implementation of the HPWT philosophy in the Hermetic Relay Department
  • Participated in potential new hire interviewing sessions in order to help identify qualified candidates

3d Software Production Team Leader

Supervised six software technicians to provide periodontists with accurate plans to fabricate and ship a custom surgical guide for the use in dental implant surgery

  • Decreased product defects by 50% through implementing quality assurance guidelines
  • Conducted testing of new software to identify and resolve bugs; completing the project 33% ahead of schedule
  • Acted as a liaison between technicians and the support team to insure quality of each case
  • Increased volume of cases by more than 4 times while maintaining costs
  • Grew productivity from 10 cases a week per technician to 70 per week
  • Handled issue resolution by offering solutions and providing detailed guides

Production Team Leader

Led 5 team members in the Tacoma truck assembly line. Maintained production target output.

  • Monitored part inventory level for daily, monthly production. Tracked, inspected inbound parts quantity and quality. Reconciled record and inventory count.
  • Applied lean manufacturing practices to coordinate production output and inventory level.
  • Reduced warehouse cost by approximately 10% using just-in-time delivery practices.
  • Won perfect attendance awards in 10 consecutive years.

Production Team Leader

Supervised 5~10 employees in an Emissions test facility and an engine/transmission dynamic test facility.

  • Scheduled yearly, monthly, and daily activities for team members.
  • Organized and led award-winning Quality Circle activities.
  • Implemented new work procedures as necessary in a dynamic work environment.
  • Led safety task force activities to countermeasure problem areas in the workplace.

Production Team Leader

Was responsible for development and performance management of a team consisting of 15-20 sales and customer service agents. Primary duties included: Constant review of 7 key performance indicators and development of daily, weekly, and monthly action plans that would result in a performance goal achievement. Provided training and coaching on a daily basis and regularly met with senior leadership to develop strategies for client goal achievement.

  • Ranked #1 PTL in the overall stack ranking scorecard each month from April 2012 -August 2012
  • Compiled and analyzed sales figures and determined which approaches were best to improve sales as well as performance. Would often consult with sales agents to gain their input and perspective on upcoming changes.
  • Analyzed customer feedback and market research to use the collected data to create and present job aids to current staff and incoming training classes

Production Team Leader

Direct responsibility for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a high tech business unit with end sales exceeding >$20M/yr. Accountable for meeting or exceeding key operations metrics covering service delivery, maintenance of costs to budget, inventory optimization, safety and quality standards, and employee morale, education and training. Duties also included resolving GMP audit findings and non-conformances, conducting cause and corrective actions (CAPA), compliance to corporate quality standards and reporting performance to Senior Management.

  • Consistently met or exceeded monthly and yearly financial targets through focus on quality including FPY and scrap, and improving process efficiencies
  • Out-performed all other business units across every major board metrics, resulting in customer service levels >99.5% and >$100k in portfolio cost reduction
  • Collaborated with Staff Scientists, and R&D to identify scrap drivers and dramatically reduce scrap for a new product from 60% to 25% to <1% realizing average annual savings of $2.5 Mil per year
  • Developed innovative supply chain strategies and planning model to reduce lead times and control WIP and FG inventory
  • Directed supplier SPPAP activities that allowed production cell to continue manufacturing without any delivery disruptions to the field
  • Facilitated hiring and cross-training of resources covering a three (3) shift, 24 hours per day, six days per week of manufacturing operation for a successful on-time build and launch of a new hip implant product system
  • Supported the company grow critical product line at market leading growth rates of 8% to 10% per year even under adverse external business environment

Production Team Leader, Journals Content Management and Technology

  • Provided effective leadership to a group of 10-12 production editors and assistants and delivered excellent service to all stakeholders consistent with company business criteria
  • Team journal package comprised approximately 30-60K pages, with annual revenues of around $26million
  • Managed the team journal schedules and helped meet the company financial objectives
  • Provided mentoring and bridged the gap of individual production editors that led to staff promotions
  • Supervised the development of relationships with authors, editors and vendors, and took proactive action necessary to deliver excellent quality
  • Collaborated with internal colleagues and contributed to journal growth and development; supported content management and technology strategies; held effective team meetings
  • Managed a package of UK Life Sciences journals from receipt of manuscripts in production, proofreading, checking and approving of revised proofs to online and print publication alongside management responsibilities

Production Team Leader

Managed production team of 35 individuals

  • Responsible various assembly functions and duties
  • Supervised very efficient productive team
  • Maintained effective Quality control methods
  • Performed various quality test on surface of vehicles produced
  • Researched and charted any aerodynamic defects found on any vehicles

Production Team Leader

Increased problem solving results through LEAN practices

  • Helped create and organize OPLs, SOPs, and communications across plant departments using Microsoft Office works
  • Improved and built upon company's Master Sanitation Schedule (MSS)
  • Introduced, managed, and administered support of the KLEANZ program for use in the Sanitation department.
  • Supported initiation and administrated associate's Results Oriented Ideas (ROI) program
  • Assisted and Supported training and development of MII and SAP systems

Thunderdome Design/production Team Leader

As one of leaders of Thunderdome, the centralized news operation of DFM, I spearheaded the effort to standardize the design and production of 75 daily and 200+ non-daily products for digital-first strategy of a single look for all print and digital content. Enabled sharing content through one Content Management System for digital and print.

  • Drove editors, publishers and circulation leaders of each property to engage in this standardization.
  • Created regional design centers, evaluated talent pool for leadership positions; worked closely with design team, systems leaders, IT managers and editorial production managers.
  • Created regional design and copy editing centers throughout the United States. Partial savings from combined production desks dedicated for more content creators.


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A well-crafted cover letter can be a powerful job search tool. Your Team Leader cover letter should be brief and highlight some of your skills, experiences and accomplishments that are most relevant to the job. Check out the Team Leader cover letter sample below for a bit of inspiration.

Dear Ms. Doris Smith:

I offer a proven background as an accomplished Team Leader with 15+ years of experience delivering complex solutions for top organizations in the technology, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors. I possess expertise in Account Management, Business Development, PMO design, and Program execution with a record of success analyzing operations, then instituting methodologies that work to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Expert skills in planning, monitoring, reporting, resource management, quality and risk management as well as serving as a reputable change agent, have resulted in consistently delivering large scale projects up to $300M, on time and on budget.

My leadership style focuses on engaging team members to communicate, dynamically solve problems and deliver the highest quality solutions. I am currently seeking to provide your organization with the above skills as Team Leader.

A sample of key contributions includes:

  • Achieved corporate synergy savings over $700M, through influencing Business Technology (BT) leadership to create robust financial and strategic plans.
  • Drove IT efficiency and streamlined processes for a key multi-million dollar acquisition.
  • Led strategic vision, execution, maintenance, and quality assurance for programs within highly complex portfolios.
  • Successfully motivate teams including project execution, IT staff, and business users, in order to delivery on time and on budget project milestones.
  • Created and launched a Program Management Office (PMO) for Research and Development group providing oversight for 300+ initiatives with a budget of $265M+, resulting in a reduction of annual operating costs by $332M through more streamlined operations.
  • Optimized Project Management best practices and implemented a PMO Toolkit, allowing for consistent and repeatable structure that could be applied within all areas of Pfizer, reducing program start-up time and costs.

I have devoted my career to developing proven project and program management strategies in order to meet or exceed client expectations.

Please accept this letter and enclosed resume as an introduction to my skills and background. For a more detailed presentation of my offerings, feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule a conference. Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to our conversation.


Loretta Guzman

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