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Welcome to the Web Portal of the Library and Information Centre, All India Institute of Speech & Hearing(AIISH), Mysore. The AIISH Library and Information Centre (L&IC) is the foremost learning resource centre in the country pertaining to the field of communication disorders. It is enriched with one of the world’s best collection of speech and hearing information sources. The L&IC is a member of national level information service projects like Educational Resources in Medicine (ERMED), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi and National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST), Information and Library Network, University Grants Commission, Government of India, New Delhi. It also partner with regional level networks such as Mysore Library Network. Founded along with the institute to cater to the information requirements of postgraduate students and their trainers in the year 1965, today the L&IC has been satisfying the requirements of students ranging from diploma to postdoctoral, teachers and practitioners in the field of communication disorders and allied areas in AIISH as well as those in other institutions across the country. Outstanding collection of both print and electronic resources on communication disorders and allied areas, traditional and technology based information services, comfortable, attractive and spacious learning spaces are some of the characteristic features of the Library and Information Centre. 

This portal acts as a platform for accessing all the electronic information sources and services the L&IC offers. It also provides information regarding the print-based information sources and services, staff, working hours, rules and regulations etc. of the library. Of the various electronic information services, the Digital Repository which contains full-text reports of research works carried out at the institute can be accessed globally. Though the N-LIST and plagiarism checking services can also be accessible from outside the institute, the access is restricted to the institute user community by username and password. The remaining services such as ERMED, subscribed e-journals and e-books, digitized question papers, syllabus, Book CD-ROM service etc. can only be available inside the campus.


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