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For other uses, see Kerala Congress (disambiguation).

Kerala Congress (Secular) is a registered regional political party in the Indian state of Kerala. It was a faction of Kerala Congress led by Eapen Varghese, P.C. George and T.S. John. The party was split from Kerala Congress (M).[2] It had been revived by T.S. John.[3]

TS John's return to Kerala Congress (Mani)[edit]

TS John announced its decision to rejoin with the Kerala Congress (Mani) (KCM) [4], however, a section of the party led by Kallada Das, PA Alexander, A. A. Abraham decided to retain the party. [5]

Merger with NCP, Kerala Congress (Skaria Thomas)[edit]

The Kerala Congress (Secular) (KCS), especially a section of leaders led by PA Alexander and A. A. Abraham, announced its decision to merge with the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) [6].

However, a section of the party led by Kallada Das decided to retain the party and join the National Democratic Alliance[7]

Another faction led by Deacon Thomas Kayyathra merged with Kerala Congress (Skaria Thomas) group [8]


For other uses, see Kerala Congress (disambiguation).

Kerala Congress (M) is a state-level political party in the Indian state of Kerala. It formed in 1979, after splitting from the Kerala Congress. Its leader and chairman is K. M. Mani; its working chairman is P. J. Joseph; and its Deputy chairman is C.F. Thomas.

As of 2016, the party had six Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA) in the Kerala Legislative Assembly, two members in ParliamentJose K. Mani, Lok Sabha and Joy Abraham, Rajya Siabha. The party broke its three decade long alliance with United Democratic Front(in Kerala) and United Progressive Alliance (Nationally) on August 7,2016. [4]

Although among the oldest regional political parties still active, Kerala Congress has never come to power on its own, or even led a coalition, giving credence to the criticism that it is only a political outfit feeding to the parochial interests of certain sections.[5]

The College teacher's wing is Kerala Private College Teachers Front(KPCTF).


Kerala Congress (M) was formed in 1979 after a split with the parent some Kerala Congress party. Just before the general election held on 2011, Kerala Congress fraction of P. J. Joseph merged with KC(M). The earlier Kerala Congress(Secular), which split from P. J. Joseph group and was led by Eapen Varghese, merged with KC(M).

On April 30, 2010, another Kerala Congress faction led by P. J. Joseph, which was a constituent of Left Democratic Front (LDF), decided to leave LDF and merge with KC(M) to form a single united Kerala Congress. It split again and some of the general secretaries of Kerala Congress (M) resigned to join LDF. Leaders including Francis George, Dr. K. C. Joseph, Antony Raju, P. C. Joseph and others resigned from Kerala Congress (M) and started talking with LDF.

For the Kerala Assembly election, the united groups would be contesting under the banner and symbol of Kerala Congress (M), as directed by the Election Commission. The name Kerala Congress and its bicycle symbol have been claimed by the united group.

K. M. ManiMinister for Finance, State Treasury, Taxes & Duties, Law and Housing (May 2011-November 2015)
P. J. JosephMinister for Water Resources, Irrigation and Inland Navigation
Thomas UnniyadanChief Whip (June-November 2015)
K. M. ManiMinister for Law & Revenue
C. F. ThomasMinister for Rural Development
K. M. ManiMinister for Law & Revenue
Narayana KurupDeputy Speaker


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