Michael Watts Dissertation Proposal Workshop

Recommendations and sample letters of intent.

NIH and NIAID sample applications.

Proposal Library (The University of Tennessee)

Jabberwocky Blog (Jabberwocky Ecology is Ethan White’s and Morgan Ernest’s blog for discussing issues and ideas related to ecology and academia.)

Theory Matters (A blog for the Advancement of Theoretical Computer Science.)

IDPAS, SUNY Stony Brook’s Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Anthropological Sciences, makes available a number of sample applications for the NSF DDIG and one for the NSF GRFP.

This web site, a supplement to Thomas Blackburn’s book Getting Science Grants: Effective Strategies for Funding Success (Jossey-Bass, 2003), contains the abstracts, narratives, and budgets of eleven funded proposals for research in a variety of scientific fields. This site also contains a directory of useful information on grants and granting agencies in science.

Sample Fulbright and NSF proposals, part of the Dissertation Proposal Workshop by Michael Watts.

We have access to a library of successful graduate student grant proposals which are available for in-office use with advance request (hard copies only).

We also recommend the following resources:

Writing Fellowship and Grant Proposals: A Guide for Graduate Students
This 1994 GGC publication includes winning applications for grants from AAUW, Luce/ACLS, Charlotte Newcombe, Ford Foundation, Fulbright, IREX, Javits, NSF, and SSRC. They are not the most current examples, but all were funded by the various agencies. The book may be reviewed in the GGC office and, for especially trustworthy sorts, checked out for a few days.

John Wiley & Sons offer links to a selection of funded science proposals (again, most not at the graduate student level, but still useful) in connection with Thomas Blackurn’s book Getting Science Grants (Jossey-Bass, 2003).

Sample Fulbright and NSF proposals, part of the Dissertation Proposal Workshop by Michael Watts.

NIH and NIAID sample applications.

If you have a successful grant proposal you’d like to share with us (which can be posted anonymously and with IU password protection), please let us know!

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